Edited by Diane Deegan 14.9.98 First of all the names:

- DEEGAN, Doogan, Duffin, Doohan, Duggan and Diggan are anglicised versions of an old distinguished Gaelic name which was O'DUIBHGHINN. The family originated in Fermoy, Cork and split into septs located in Munster, Connacht and Leinster. Although there is even more different variations of the name, all of these families are descendants of O'DIUBHGHINN and the following is a list of his ancestors and where his descendants went.

OLLIOL OLLUM........KING OF MUNSTER...............177 a.d.

| EOGHAN MOR..........KING OF MUNSTER...............195 a.d.

| FIACHA MUILLETHAIN..KING OF MUNSTER...............278 a.d.

| OLLIOL FLANBEG | LUIGHDECH...........KING OF MUNSTER...............353 a.d.

| CORC MAC LAIRE......KING OF MUNSTER...............407 a.d.


| EOCHU...............KING OF FERMOY................490 a.d. |



| FORANNAIN...........LORD OF FERMOY................578 a.d.




| DUIBHGHINN..........a quo the surname O'DEEGAN....920 a.d.

| EOCHU | LUIGH O'DUIBHGHINN........................died...1014 a.d.

| .....This is how the family spread out, CORK------------------------------------------------------------ 1020 |

| | ------------------------- | GALWAY | | | | | 1020 WATERFORD | | | | 1050 | | | |----------- | | | | | WEXFORD | | KILDARE | 1100 | | 1100 | | | LEIX -----------------| ----------- 1200 | OFFALY | TIPPERARY 1350 ORIEL 1300 | 1500 CLARE | 1360 ANTRIM 1700 O'Heerin the poet wrote of the family in 1372, Chief of Fermoy of well fenced forts. Is O'Dugan of Dunmannan - A tribe of Gaels of precious jewels. The most important Sept in medieval times was that of Connacht seated in the ancient kingdom of Ui Maine (Hy many) at Ballyduggan near Loughrea, (also called Doogan and Daggin). O'Deegan was the chief of the 12 Ballys (Townlands) of Daighinn, the district near Loughrea. To that Sept belonged SEAN MOR O'DUIGAN (John O'Dugan d. 1373) co-author of the celebrated Topographical poems of O'Heerin and O'Duigan. He was one of the hereditary historians and poets to the O'Kelly's, Princes of the Hy Many. A later Gaelic poet Maurice O'Dugan was the author of "An Chuil Fhionn". Cnogher O'Dugan, Edmund Diggan and John Doogan were officers in the 1649 army of Charles I. Jeremy Duigan of Tirerrill, Sligo forfeited his property in 1650 and Dermot Duigan was moved to Galtsrobine, Offaly in 1654. Also of this Hy Many Sept was the Most Reverend Patrick Duggan (1813-1896) Bishop of Clonfert who was tried for his part in the Galway election of 1872 but acquitted. He also presided over the inaugural meeting of the GAA in 1886. Peter Paul Duggan (d.1861) was an historian in America. Doohan and Doughan originated in Corca Laoidhe but belong to modern North Tipperary and adjacent Offaly. As O'Doghan it is listed in the baronies of Eliogarty and Ikerrin in the census of 1659. When it spread into East Clare it was anglicised Doohan. O'Duibhghinn or O'Deegan, Chief of Muintir Conlochtaidh in Tomgraney, Tullagh East Clare are described by O'Duigan as, O'Duigan of fair and ruddy face rules over comely Muintir Conlochta, a chief who gained his possessions by force of spears in battle. Roger Duygin of Corr, Offaly was restored to his lands in 1660 as was Denis Duggan. A Kerry branch of the family have anglicised the name to O'Diggin. Deegan, Duigan and Deighan are variants found in Leix (Queens Co.) and Offaly (Kings Co.) where Deegan is most numerous today, as it was in 1659. It also appears in the Fiants of 1559 as O'Doygan and O'Diggan. Those of Leix belonged to the barony of Clandonagh where at Cloncouse in the parish of Kyle the family were keepers of the bell of St.Molua. St.Molua (Mulloe) was one Lugaidh Mac Hui Oiche, the first abbot of Molua who died at Clonfert Mulloe in 605 a.d. The Abbey is situated at the foot of the Slieve Bloom in Upper Ossory, Leix (Queens Co.). John Duggan of Cloncouse and Loughlin Diddin of Kilcolger were transplanted in 1654. Their lands amounted to over 2,000 acres and were granted to Sir Charles Coote, (Earl of Mountrath) in 1667. Two notables of this family were O'Duibhgin, bishop of Kildare in 1148 and in modern times James Robertson O'Duigan (1882-1951) a pioneer Australian airman who flew a plane he built himself in 1910 at Lancefield, Victoria who came from a Kilkenny family. Further south in Leinster we find a branch of the Duffins of Waterford who had settled in Co. Wexford. These Duffins have been long established in the Hook Peninsula in the barony of Shelbourne where a district was known as Rinn Dubhginn or the point of Dubhan. A priest and a pilgrim founded a monastery there in the fifth century where now stands Churchtown. O'Duibhginn, the early form of Duffin, Duggan and Deegan, was the Chieftan of the barony of Bargy when the Normans arrived in 1169. O'Duibhginn together with O'Lorcan of Forth supported King Dermot MacMurrough in welcoming the Normans. The name in other parts of Wexford has been anglicised to Dugan, Duggan, Doogan and few Deegans. O'Duffyne is found in Cork in 1311 and Duffyn in 1601. The name O'Doghwynn was recorded in Waterford records on 1573. By the Cromwellian era we find the Duffins had spread to Oriel in the north located in Cos Louth, Monaghan and Armagh in 1659 and by the next century in Co. Antrim. As my last direct ancestor in Ireland was living in Co. Kildare, and there are numerous Deegans still living there today, as well as Co. Leix, I am sure we are related to that branch of O'Duibhghinn's family which left Cork to settle in Kildare in the 1100's and Leix in the 1200's. Edward Deegan, born in County Kildare, Ireland between 1826 and 1830 is the earliest ancestor that I have been able to trace. His son, who was married in Australia, stated on his marriage certificate, the address at which he lived in England and his parents names. The search was continued in London for a record of EDWARD DEEGAN's marriage or a record of him in the census returns from the address given, but no new information was found. A search through the records of birth however provided a new address from another of his children's birth certificates. With this new address we found the family again in two census returns of the period, on which EDWARD DEEGAN states that he and his wife and four children were all born in Co. Kildare. The following research is not complete however and as you will see there are still many possibles left open and more places to look for information. I leave it to you, my descendants, to find that information and then add your own names to this record. EDWARD DEEGAN and his wife ELIZA BOURKE came from Co. Kildare and preliminary research in the Surname index of Co. Kildare and in Griffith's Primary Valuation revealed that the surname was fairly widespread throughout the County. The only entry of an EDWARD DEEGAN was in Athy St. Michael's and is as follows: TOWN OF ATHY OCCUPIER LESSOR HOLDING ------------ -------- ------ ------- 9 Butlers Lane Edward Deegan John Butler house, yard A search of the Catholic registers of Athy for either the marriage of EDWARD DEEGAN and ELIZA BOURKE or the baptisms of their children met with little success and it was now clear that searches would have to be carried out in the registers of the remaining Catholic parishes in Co. Kildare. The largest number of Deegan households in the surnames index was in the parish of Castledermot. According to Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Castledermot was a post-town and parish in the Barony of Kilkea and Moone, Co. Kildare, seven miles from Athy and 34 from Dublin. It had 3,634 inhabitants of whom 1,385 lived in the town. The Church of Ireland registers do not appear to have survived the troubles of 1922. The Catholic registers have survived however, and they begin in 1789. Castledermot is the head of a union or district comprising the parishes of Castledermot, Moone, Timolin, Kilkea, Killelan, Dunmanogue, Grangerosnolvin, Kinneagh and part of the parish of Graney. Initially, searches were restricted to the period 1850-1862 for baptisms of their children and to the period 1845-1855 for their marriage and despite the poor condition of the registers, the following entry, which obviously relates to my ancestor, was found: Castledermot ------------ 1854 JULY 23 Eliza., daughter of EDWARD DEEGAN and ELIZABETH BURKE, baptised Sponsors: Ann Nolan and Pat Deegan However, there were no other baptisms recorded for children of EDWARD and ELIZABETH between 1850 and 1862. Nevertheless, encouraged by the discovery of my ancestors place of origin the search was continued in the registers for a record of his baptism and ancestry. Between 1789 and 1835 there is only records of two EDWARD DEEGAN's baptised: 1818 JULY 18 Edward, son of EDWARD DEEGAN and MARIA KELLY baptized sponsors: Pat and Bridget Owens 1835 SEPT 19 Edward, son of JAMES DEEGAN and ELINOR BUTTERFIELD baptized sponsors: William Lawlor and Mary Butterfield According to the census' in 1861 and in 1871 in which EDWARD DEEGAN stated he was 30 years of age and 45 years of age respectively he must have been born about 1826-1831. People did tend to be rather vague about their ages during this period as they were so rarely called upon to give details about their personal lives. His wife, Eliza was not present in the household at the time of the second census and I can only assume that because he puts his status as "married", and not as "widower", that his wife was away the night of the census. His eldest daughter, Bridget was also absent that night and his second eldest daughter was described as "housekeeper". As my ancestor appears to have been born between 1826-1831 neither of the above baptisms seemed to relate to him and although the baptism in 1835 may have been a late one, the date sequence for the baptisms of the elder children of the couple ruled this out. The 1840 census of Castledermot was able to be examined at this time and as can be appreciated, before 1901 very few census returns have survived in Ireland. In the 1840 census, no ages are recorded, but it does give the name and relationship of the persons listed. In 1840 five Deegan households were listed in the parish of Castledermot, three in Hallohoise townland, one in Hobartstown and one in Johnstown. Only one of these families seemed to fit our requirements, that of James Deegan: HALLOHOISE ---------- James Deegan, sons Pat, Edward, James, wife Kate, daughters Ellen, Maria, Kate, Eliza, Ann and Biddy The only other Edward Deegan enumerated was an Edward Deegan of Hobartstown who had a wife and children. As my ancestor was born about 1826-1831, he could not be confused with this Edward Deegan as my ancestor would have been only been 9-14 years old in 1840. The obvious choice was Edward, son of James and Kate. Unfortunately there is no record in the registers of any children born to a James and Kate Deegan only the above James and Elinor. The only Deegan listed in Castledermot in Griffith's Primary Valuation was Margaret Deegan of Hobartstown West, obviously the widow of Edward. There was, however, a James Deegan in the parish of Killelan, which adjoins Castledermot, who held a house, office and land in the townland of Hallahoise, also a Patrick Deegan in the same townland holding a house, office and land. As the Catholic parish of Castledermot covers this parish, these entries could possibly relate to the James and Patrick Deegan of Hallahoise in the 1840 census. We have established, at least, that my ancestor came from Castledermot, Co. Kildare, beyond that, unfortunately is mere speculation at this stage. Maybe to trace some of the Deegans listed at the end of this would provide new information about my ancestor and the line of Deegans could be traced back further still. EDWARD DEEGAN ELIZA BOURKE ------------- ------------ born approx.. 1826 - 1831 born approx. 1831 Kildare, Ireland Kildare, Ireland | | | | ----------------------------------------- | 6th August 1852 married at Castledermot Catholic Parish | ------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | Bridget Eliza Rosa Mary Annie Edward Thomas b.1853 b.1855 b.1857 b.1859 b.4/3/62 b.24/10/64 b.1867 Ireland Kildare Kildare Kildare Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool After their forth daughter Mary Deegan was born in 1859 the family left Ireland and emigrated to England where we find them in the 1861 census living at the corner of Miles street and Industrious terrace, Toxteth Park in the County of Lancaster, Liverpool, England. CENSUS 7th April 1861 --------------------- NAME RELATIONSHIP CONDITION AGE OCCUPATION PLACE OF BIRTH ---- ------------ --------- --- ---------- -------------- Edward Deegan Head married 30 Labourer Ireland Eliza Deegan Wife married 30 Ireland Bridgett Deegan Daughter 8 Scholar Ireland Eliza Deegan Daughter 6 Scholar Ireland Rosa Deegan Daughter 4 Scholar Ireland Mary Deegan Daughter 2 Ireland Edward and Eliza had three more children all born in England and it was the discovery of their next child, Annie's birth certificate that led us to the families origin in Ireland. Annie was born at home, as most children were, on the 24th January 1862 and her birth was registered at the General Register office, London on the 4th March 1862. APPLICATION NO.7250G.,CERTIFICATE NO.BXA 699828. Edward was the next child born to Edward and Eliza after having five daughters. Edward is the one who is my direct ancestor and he was also born at home at Toxteth Park, Liverpool on the 20th September 1864 and his birth was registered on the 24th October 1864 at the General Register office, London. APPLICATION NO.PAS 402420/80/F., CERTIFICATE NO.BXA 541652 On both of these birth certificates Edward Deegan, the father, states that he is a Builders labourer which tells us what sort of labourer he must have been on the 1861 census. Edward and Eliza had one more child, another boy whom they called Thomas in 1867 but I have not seen a copy of his birth certificate. The next time we can trace the family is in the census of 1871. This is where we discovered which county in Ireland they came from as Edward states on the census that not only were four of his children born in County Kildare but that Eliza and himself were born there as well. You will see also that there is ten years between the two census and fifteen years difference in Edward's age. CENSUS 2ND APRIL 1871 --------------------- NAME RELATIONSHIP CONDITION AGE OCCUPATION PLACE OF BIRTH ---- ------------ --------- --- ---------- -------------- Edward Deegan Head married 45 Labourer Kildare, Ireland Eliza Deegan Daughter unmarried 16 Housekeeper Kildare, Ireland Rose Deegan Daughter 14 Scholar Kildare, Ireland Mary Deegan Daughter 12 Scholar Kildare, Ireland Ann Deegan Daughter 9 Scholar Lancs.,Liverpool Edward Deegan Son 6 Scholar Lancs.,Liverpool Thomas Deegan Son 4 Lancs.,Liverpool As with most families, tracing their ancestors can only be done if they leave some sort of record of their existence, and unless they leave some sort of account of how they lived you can usually only find details of the major events that take place in their lives e.g: births, deaths and marriages. These are the only details I can tell you of this family now except my direct ancestor who was named after his father. Edward Deegan, son of Edward Deegan, went to school like his older sisters did and more than likely emigrated to Australia in the late 1880's. I have seen no record of when he arrived here, or even where he disembarked and have no details of the period of his life between the census in 1871 and when he showed up on the electoral rolls in Australia in 1890. As we had known about this Edward Deegan from my father, the only further information we have is the marriage certificate between him and Emily Jane Riddell. As their first sons birth certificate states, he was the eldest child of this couple and as he is my Grandfather, the fact that they had more children was not researched. Emily Jane Riddell was born in Grendon, Northampton, England on the 13th January 1869 and on her birth certificate the family name is spelt "Riddle". Her father was Abraham Riddle and he was a Journeyman/Shoemaker, her mother was Sarah Carter. Edward Deegan states on his marriage certificate that his father was a Tailor and that does not coincide with the census of 1861 and 1871. Also on this marriage certificate we see that one of the witnesses to the marriage was Eliza Burke. This person is not his mother or sister as their names are Deegan, but could it be a cousin ? (his mothers, brothers, daughter). EDWARD DEEGAN__________ELIZA BOURKE ABRAHAM RIDDLE_____SARAH CARTER | | |___EDWARD DEEGAN_____EMILY JANE RIDDLE___| b. 20/9/1864 | b. 13/1/1869 Lancs, Liverpool | Grendon,Northampton | | married 11/7/1894 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Bundaberg, Queensland | | ______________________|_____________________ | | | | EDWARD THOMAS DEEGAN FRANK ? EMILY ? KITTY ? b. 20/7/1895 Gavan Street, North Bundaberg Edward Thomas Deegan was born at home, like his father and grandfather were, on the 20th July 1895 at Gavan Street, North Bundaberg. He was the eldest child born to Edward and Emily. Birth Cert. no. B 66445. Although I will tell you more about the life of Edward Thomas Deegan, I will just put down the relevant details of the decent at the moment. Edward Thomas Deegan married Elsie May Brischke according to the rites of the Methodist church in the Wesley Church, Maryborough, Queensland on the 17th October 1923. Edward Thomas states on his marriage cert. no. A 54028 that his usual place of residence is MacDougall Street Milton, Brisbane. He also states that his occupation is engineer although he was a Fitter and Turner by trade. Elsie May Brischke was born in Fort Street Maryborough on the 28th December 1895, birth B 66593., and was the second child of Henry Brischke, age 27, a Labourer who was born in Germany and Meena Nicholls, formerly Bryant, age 30 years who was born at Bradford on Avon, England. Elsie May already had a son named Arnold Charles to someone else before she married Edward Thomas and they moved to Campbell Terrace Alderley after they were married. They had five children of their own however, one of whom was my father. They already had Arnold Charles and he was born on the 15th July 1920 or 1921. The rest of the children were born at home and the first child they had together was Beris Rose born on the 21st September 1924. Their third child was Eric Joseph born on the 9th March 1926. Their fourth child was my father and he was named after his father, Ronald Edward Deegan, and he was born on the 25th July 1927. Their fifth child and second daughter was named Joan Meena and she was born on the 10th June 1929. Their last child was another boy born on the 16th July 1931 and was named Robert Arthur. EDWARD THOMAS DEEGAN ------------------------------- ELSIE MAY BRISCHKE b. 20/7/1895 | b.28/12/1895 married 17/10/23 Wesley Methodist Church, Maryborough | ------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | Arnold Charles Beris Rose Eric Joseph Ronald Edward Joan Meena Robert Arthur b.15/7/20 b.21/9/24 b.9/3/26 b.25/7/27 b.10/6/29 b.16/7/31 My mother, Helen Elizabeth Green was born at the Lady Bowen Hospital, Brisbane on the 15th June 1931. Her fathers name was John Green and he was born at back 172 Darwin Street Aston, Birmingham, England on the 22nd July 1898. His parents were James Green, a Brass Bedstead Maker/Journeyman, and Helen (Nellie) McDermott. My Mothers mother was Catherine Carrie and she was born at 7 Poplar Lane, Leith, Scotland on the 6th November 1902. Her parents were James Carrie, a millworker, and Elizabeth Ferguson. John (Jack) Green and Catherine Carrie were married at the St. James Church, Leith, Scotland on the 31st July 1926. He was a corporal in the Royal Tank Corps and she was a Clerkess. They had their first child, John Noel, in England before emigrating to Australia where my mother was born. JAMES GREEN-----NELLIE McDERMOTT JAMES CARRIE-----ELIZABETH FERGUSON | | JOHN GREEN CATHERINE CARRIE |_____________________________________| ________|________ JOHN NOEL HELEN ELIZABETH Ronald Edward Deegan and Helen Elizabeth Green, my parents, were married at the St. Barnabas Church of England church, Red Hill in the parish of Ithaca, Brisbane on the 7th June 1952. My father was a cabinet maker and my mother was a stenographer. My brother was born at the Ashgrove Private Hospital at approximately 2130 on the 23rd December 1956 and weighed about 8 1/2 lbs. so mother told me and was named Michael Charles. I was not born until much later however and the family was now living in the house that Pop (thats what I call my father) built at 30 Cain Street Everton Park, Brisbane. I too, was born at the Ashgrove Private Hospital on the 3rd July 1963 at 1330 and as I weighed 8lb.11 3/4 ozs. I was named Kevin Edward after my father so the Edward Deegan name was still going. We did not realize until much later when my mother began to gather this information that the Edward Deegan name was still going after five generations. Tina Marie Bartholomai, my de facto wife was born at the Base Hospital Wagga Wagga, New South Wales on the 14th August 1971 and as her parents, John Cameron Bartholomai and Irene Lynette Gowley were not yet married her name on her birth certificate appears as Tina Marie Gowley. Her parents married on the 22nd October 1971 and had three more children. We found out that Tina was pregnant in early May of 1990 and our first son was born at the Royal Brisbane Hospital at 1522 on the 17th January 1991. He weighed 7lb. 81/2 ozs. or 3410 grams and was 49.8cms. long, his blood group is b+ and as I now knew of the family history, Tina and I named him Kirby Edward Deegan which is legal to do with the mothers consent when the couple are not married. We found out that Tina was pregnant with our second child on the 8th April 1993 and our second son was born on the 15/12/93 in the Royal Brisbane Hospital and he weighed 8lb.3 ozs. or 3720 grams and was 51.6cms. long and his blood group is B+. Sean Kevin was named in the same manner as his brother was, and that is a first name that both Tina and I liked and the second name was taken from my name. RONALD EDWARD DEEGAN________________________________HELEN ELIZABETH GREEN b. 25/7/1927 | b. 15/6/1931 Campbell Tce,Alderley, married 7/6/1952 Lady Bowen Hospital Brisbane. St.Barnabas Church Brisbane. Red Hill, Brisbane died 7.4.1995 ____________________________|___________ Michael Charles Deegan Diane Strudwick Kevin Edward Deegan Tina Marie Gowley b. 23/12/1956 b. 17/6/58 b. 3/7/1963 b. 14/8/1971 Ashgrove Private Roma Hospital Ashgrove Private Base Hospital Brisbane Hospital,Bne Hospital Wagga Wagga,NSW |___________________| |__________________| married 26/1/1980 met 20/1989 Strathpine 9 Girrah Street, Brendale ________________|____________ _____________|___________ Rebecca Elizabeth.Caitlin Edith.Erienne. Kirby Edward.Sean Kevin b. 25/5/88 b. 18/10/89 b.24/6/93b. 17/1/1991 b.15/12/1993 Riordan Michael John b. 10.4.1997 R.B.H. R.B.H. R.B.H. R.B.H. R.B.H. R.B.H. (All born at Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane) EDWARD DEEGAN_____ELIZA BOURKE | ABRAHAM RIDDELL_____SARAH CARTER EDWARD DEEGAN_____EMILY JANE RIDDELL_____________| | | HENRY JULIUS BRISCHKE_____MEENA BRYANT EDWARD THOMAS DEEGAN_____ELSIE MAY BRISCHKE__________________| | JAMES CARRIE_____ELIZABETH FERGUSON JAMES GREEN_____HELEN MacDERMOTT | | |______________JOHN GREEN_____CATHERINE CARRIE | | RONALD EDWARD DEEGAN_____HELEN ELIZABETH GREEN____| | | JOHN CAMERON BARTHOLOMAI_____IRENE LYNNETTE GOWLEY | | KEVIN EDWARD DEEGAN_____TINA MARIE GOWLEY___________| | KIRBY EDWARD DEEGAN and SEAN KEVIN DEEGAN Griffith's Primary Valuation of Tenements (1848-1864) runs to over 200 volumes and lists all tenants with details of their holdings and the assessment of tax which they had to pay towards the relief of the poor and destitute living within their area, known as a Union. Interestingly enough this valuation forms the basis of the present-day rating system in Ireland. The Index showed the name Deegan appearing in the following Parishes of Kildare: KILDROUGHT PARISH ----------------- Immediate Townland Occupier Lessor Holding Valuation -------- -------- --------- ------- --------- Celbridge Mary Henry House,small 5 Maynooth Road Deegan Malone garden 1 10s CLANE PARISH ------------ Cappoo John Charles Land 2A.2R.19P 1 13s Commons Deegan Tuthill 30A.0R.7P House 21 5s Cappoo Nicholas William Land Commons Deegan Fletcher 4A.0R.4P 3 15s Clane Nicholas William House,Office, Deegan Fletcher Land 14A.2R.16P 15 10s Lough Bollard James Charles House,Office, Commons Deegan Tuthill Land 3A.1R.37P 2 5s CLONCURRY PARISH ---------------- Drinnanstown John Thomas House 5s Deegan Archbold RATHANGAN PARISH ---------------- Killeagh Alexander Free House,Land Common Deegan 0A.2R.21P 12s ALLYGOUGHT PARISH ------------------ Coldwells Mary James House 5s Deegan Mergan Coldwells Michael James House 5s Deegan Mergan MONASTEREVIN ------------ Gorteenoona Daniel Marquis House,Office, Deegan of Drogheda Land 0A.3R.25P 1 5s KILCULLEN PARISH ---------------- Castlemartin James Anne House,small Deegan Clunton Garden 0A.1R.30P 1 10s ATHY ST. JOHNS PARISH --------------------- Town of John John House, Athy Deegan Purcell Office 1 ATHY ST. MICHAELS PARISH ------------------------ 9 Butlers lane EDWARD John House,yard 15s Town of Athy DEEGAN Butler (off Ophally St. CHURCHTOWN PARISH ----------------- Townparks Malachy Thomas House,yard 2 15s Town of Athy Deegan Hearne KILBERRY PARISH --------------- Forest John Duke of Herds,House, Deegan Leimster Land 28A.1R.27P 3A.0R.22P 17 15s CASTLEDERMOT PARISH ------------------- Hobartstown Margaret Eileen House,Office, West Deegan Kearney Land 97A.1R.29P 47 0s KILLELAN PARISH --------------- Hallahoise JAMES George Spearing House,Office, DEEGAN & Flora O'Connor Land64A.0R.32P Land38A.2R.23P 71 0s Hallahoise Patrick John Warren & House,Office, Deegan Laurence Rourke Land22A.0R.14P 51 5s MOONE PARISH ------------ Moone Thomas John Edward House,Office, Deegan Lawler Land 2A.1R.37P 1 15s Moone Bridget Susan M. House,Office, Deegan Yeats Garden 0A.1R.10P Land 15A.2R.35P 12 15s CASTLEDERMOT CATHOLIC PARISH Register of Baptisms: 1790 - 1835 ---------------------------- --------------------------------- 5/12/1790 Esther, Pat & Maria Deegan sponsors: Gerard Nowlan & Hester Murphy 10/9/1792 Brigid, John Deegan & Brigid Brown sponsors: Michael Bolger & Elinor Lyons 11/11/1792 Maria, Patrick Deegan & Mary Lawlor sponsors: Bernard Byrne & Anna Carrol 4/1/1795 James, Pat Deegan & Hestor Lawlor, Allahoys sponsors: Peter & Rosa Connor 25/1/1796 James, David Deegan & Deborah Price sponsors: Charles & Brigid Deegan 5/3/1797 Judith, Pat Deegan & Maria Lawlor, Allahoys sponsors: William Byrne & Mary Lawlor 19/3/1799 Maria, Pat Deegan & Elinor Gormacon, Knockmachree sponsors: Michael Nowlan & Judith Hickey 26/5/1799 Eliza, Stephen Deegan & Anna Sundayswell sponsors: David Deegan & Maria Nowlan 28/5/1799 Pat, Pat & Maria Deegan sponsors: Pat Nowlan & Judith Nevill 1/2/1800 Michael, David & Anna Deegan sponsors: Thomas Mahon & Marion Neal 3/7/1801 Catherine, Pat Deegan & Elinor Gormacon, Knockmachree sponsors: James & Anna Hickey 2/2/1802 Pat, David Deegan & Anna Kilfoyle, Sundayswell sponsors: John & Maria Donatio 11/9/1805 Terrence, Stephen Deegan & Anna Tool, Sundayswell sponsor: Maria Hern 9/4/1806 Maurice, Pat & Helena Deegan, Knockmachree sponsors: Pat Kavanagh & Catherine Moor 26/2/1809 Hester, Peter Deegan & Honora Dunn sponsors: Edward Kelly & Marion McEvoy 2/2/1810 David, Stephen Deegan & Anne Tool sponsors: (illegible) 28/4/1811 Martin, Peter Deegan & Honora Dunn sponsors: Michael Kenny & Helena Kenny 9/7/1811 David, David Deegan & Anna Kilfoyle, Sundayswell sponsors: Michael Hearne & Winf. Headon 29/2/1812 Eliz., Stephen Deegan & Anna Tool, Allahoys sponsors: Pat & Maria Deegan 4/6/1812 Anna, Edward Deegan & Maria Kelly sponsors: Lawrence Nowlan & Catherine Rourke 3/4/1814 Hannah, Pat Deegan & Brig. Ryder sponsors: Michael Kismal & Brig. Waters 3/5/1814 Pat, Pat Deegan & Honor Dunn sponsors: Lawrence Nowlan & Maria Owens 4/9/1814 Thomas, John Deegan & Brig. Neal sponsors: Edward Farrell & Anna Kelly 4/4/1815 Judith, David Deegan & Anna Kilfoyle sponsors: Andrew Nowlan & Honor Deegan 17/5/1815 Rosa, Stephen Deegan & Anna Tool sponsors: Pat Deegan & Anna Neal 6/6/1815 Michael, Edward Deegan & Maria Kelly sponsors: Jas. Kandle & Joan Byrne 13/8/1815 Brig., Pat Deegan & Brig. Ryder, Moon sponsors: Michael Brophy & Hester Kennedy 19/6/1816 Maria, Pat Deegan & Honor Dunn, Moon sponsors: Dan Fagan & Maria Butler 18/7/1818 Edward, Edward Deegan & Maria Kelly sponsors: Pat & Bridget Owens 3/1/1819 Catherine, Joseph Deegan & Maria Maher sponsors: Pat & Elizabeth Holden 23/12/1819 Terence, Edward Deegan and Maria Doran sponsors: Michael Doran & Maria Nowlan 20/9/1820 Pat, John Deegan & Brig. Ryder sponsors: John Walsh & Honor Lalor 20/3/1821 Elizabeth, Edward Deegan & Maria Kelly sponsors: Edward & Maria Bulger 21/9/1821 Maria, John Deegan & Eliza Doyle sponsors: Peter Paor & Maria Byrne 29/3/1822 Maria, Edward Deegan & Maria Doran sponsors: Pat Farnon & Mary Nowlan 2/9/1822 Jas., John Deegan & Hester Doyle sponsors: ? Moloy & Maria Ryan /5/1823 (date & name illeg.)Selv. Deegan & Helena Loughlin sponsors: Pat Donias & Helena Deegan 14/6/1823 Elizabeth, Pat Deegan & Brig. Ryder sponsors: Michael Hoey & Mrs. Laverty 4/6/1826 Anne, John Deegan & Esther Doyle sponsors: John Corrigan & Elizabeth Powers 22/4/1827 Margaret, Pat Deegan & Brig. 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Ellen, Maria, Kate, Eliza, Anne, Biddy, Biddy Murphy, Frank Harrington, Thomas Murphy 6 8 6 14 Hallohoise 9 Patrick Deegan, Pat, wife Mary, Drs., Biddy, Maria, Michael Dooley, Henry Harrigton, Anne Nolan 4 5 3 9 Hobartstown 15 Edward Deegan, Vesty, Terry, Batty, James, Michael, wife Margaret, Drs. Maria, Rose, Margaret, servant boy and girl 7 5 1 12 Johnstown 8 Peter Deegan, James, wife, Dr. Kate 2 2 2 4 (Levistown) SOURCES CONSULTED ----------------- National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street Athy Catholic Parish, Register of Baptisms: 1852-1859 Castledermot Catholic Parish, Register of Baptisms: 1789-1835;1850-1862 Register of Marriages: 1789-1843;1845-1855 Narraghmore Catholic Parish, Register of Baptisms : 1800-1816 Register of Marriages: 1829-1837 Kilcullen Catholic Parish, Register of Marriages: 1827-1835 Index of Surnames, County Kildare Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1830 Census of Castledermot Parish 1840 Public Records Office, The Four Courts Tithe Applotment Books, Parish of Castledermot A History of Ireland, Robert Kee CONCLUSION Other than what I have written, there is not much more I can tell you of your direct ancestors. In fact all I can tell you of them now are things that I can remember being told and things which my father and mother can remember being told. My only Grandparent still alive after I was born was my paternal grandmother, Elsie May Deegan, formerly Brischke and she died in 1969. I am relying therefore on what I have been told and photographs I have seen. I can tell you no more of Edward Deegan of Ireland or of his son Edward Deegan who was born in England and is buried in Bundaberg. I have seen a photo of his son Edward Thomas Deegan however as a youth dressed in a military uniform and standing to attention. He was holding a Lee Enfield .303 with its butt on the floor and with its bayonet on, was taller than he was. It was the uniform of the Cadet Corps so I found out. In 1884 the movement to establish the Cadet Corps had begun and by the time of the Defence Act of 1903-1911 all Australian boys were required to serve: All medically fit boys between the ages of twelve and fourteen were junior cadets; the senior cadets were older boys still at school or those that had left between fourteen and eighteen years of age. As Edward Thomas would have been twelve years of age in 1907 it does appears to me that he was in the cadet corps. My father told me also that his father fought in the First World War and his war service record should be able to be obtained from Melbourne. He did have some souvenirs from the War which my father said he destroyed before he died, taken from a German prisoner. I believe he fought on the Somme in France and was a machinegunner my father tells me, and also that he was wounded in the head and sent home. I believe that he worked for Shell and that he used to travel around Queensland installing and repairing petrol pumps, for a time at least. He was a big man so my father tells me standing over six foot tall and weighing about 220 - 230 lbs. I have seen photos of him and agree with these proportions. He contracted lung cancer and died between 1941 and 1944 and my father told me that at one stage just before he died he had to be tied to the bed with leather straps which he broke. He is buried in the Toowong Cemetery and I have been and had a look at the spot which is bare and has no marker. His wife Elsie May had Arthritis and was bedridden from my earliest memory until she died in 1969. The photos I have seen of her shows her to be a large woman as well. Editor's note: This is where my copy of Kevin's records finish. I have updated them to include the birth of our (Michael Charles & Diane Deegan) son Riordan Michael John Deegan born 10.4.1997 and the sad death of Ronald Edward Deegan on 7.4.1995. 14.9.98 directNIC Search Hosted by